AVATAR the movie

James Cameron surprised us with that outstanding 3d movie. I felt myself among the characters, getting into the events, forgetting my entire self in a deep hypnotism state. The movie discusses the idea of transporting your thoughts and feelings trough your mind to another mediator of flesh and blood of the Pandora Planet inhibitors, in order to get in touch with the savage strangers and to get to know them with minimum risk. This mediator named Avatar prevents the death of the human controlling him, yet it is so expensive to create this Avatar.

Avatar is a mix of so many movies presented in the last decade. I recall existenZe, the thirteenth floor, the matrix, dances with wolves, and the last samurai.

ExistenZe the movie in which the characters log in to a game like a dream using organic electronic devices and in a certain point the character couldn’t tell if the game is the real life or their actual life.

In the thirteenth floor the a scientific team manage to create a whole world of graphics interface of a certain part of America of a previous era and combined that graphic interface with real character with AI technology of self making decisions. And through dealing with each others countless possibilities are made. The manager died by unknown made character in the computer, and the main character decides to get the electronic killer. An electronic character finds the truth that he is not a human being and his world is a graphic interface and asks the main character what if your world is not true either. The killer gets into our world and the main character kills him, then the main character realizes that his world is a fake one, and the ironic that they managed to build a simulation inside a simulation world. In the end of the movie he manages to log in to the real world.

The matrix the great trilogy that spoke of a true world and a dream world and the machines domination is considered one of the inspiration ideas that made Avatar.

Joining the enemy is a very touchable idea. It happened in dances with wolves and the last samurai.

Kevin Costner in Dances with wolves joined the Indians and abandoned his army after spending long time with the Indians and getting to know how deep is their philosophy. Tom Cruze the American captain in the last samurai had more feelings to the samurai than the Japanese authority that hired him to vanquish the samurai as an expert in modern fighting techniques.

Avatar is a movie which bonds all these great ideas in one package.

The main character loves the savage strangers and joins their well bonded society like dances with wolves and the last samurai, when he logged into their world like existenZe, the thirteenth floor and the matrix despite the fact that he logs into his world but in another body. The very large contrast of the primitive weapons of the strangers and the very technological weapons of humans can be noticed in Dances with wolves and the last Samurai as well. The very expected end of joining the strangers’ society assures the imitation of the last samurai idea. I am referring to the blue tall people of Pandora Planet as strangers not aliens because the main character described the humans as the aliens as he merged with the strangers’ society as one of them.

No wonder that the main character had no history and no character. It is the huge policy of cut paste ideas which vagues every meaningful drama in the cinematic world making a way to the graphics tricks and the fascinating vision illusions.

I loved the movie very much with its 3d interface and its magnificent direction. I also liked its scientific fiction story that gathers many ideas, although repetition is boring it is possible to create a similar idea of a previous movie as we all play in the same 64 squares chess battle arena with the same human brain.


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