Queen of the amazons Design Document

January 16, 2010

Game Type


Action-adventure game

Game Perspectives

Third-Person Perspective


3d platform

Program Type

Full-screen application


The scale of the main character varies from 1:8 to 1:4

Target Audience

Experienced gamers
18 to 45 years old

What Makes This Game Special?
The eternal fight between good and evil drama.
The Greek mythology embraces the werewolf myth in a fantastic way.
Fiction meets reality as the queen of amazons meets ordinary man.
The primitive weapons and the wild animals fight techniques are extremely violent.
The romance of the man who loves the savage queen is very emotional.
The change in the queen’s heart is the challenge.
Self-expression as you chooses to play as the bad guy or the good guy, in other words you play as both human natures.
Meditation as the player experiences the birth of the savage dark side of the queen in her warrior’s tests, and after that he gets into her mind fighting her unconscious mind in her changing in heart trip, and notices the difference.

Game Description
An Amazonian violent queen takes a peaceful man as her hostage, and in the moment she executes him, the barbarians try to kill her, the man saves her then and again he saves her after transforming into a werewolf, moreover they fight the barbarians together to meet their end.

What is this game about in one sentence?
This game is about the conflict between love and hatred, between peace and war, and between forgiveness and revenge.

Plot line of the producers
An ordinary man in a werewolf state fights the barbarians along with the queen of the amazons.

Plot line of the players
The hatred inside the heart of the queen of the amazons meets the love in the heart of an ordinary man, and after the hatred is gone they fight the barbarians together to win their freedom after her quitting and his transformation into a werewolf.

Game play

Character Development
By winning style points the ability of bare hands fighting and using weapons increase

There are multiple fighting styles. Close combat style, free style, arrows throwing from above the trees’ branches style, and catching enemies from holes in the ground style.

Outside of combat
You can walk or run on the ground, walk or run or jump on the branches, crawl in the underground holes, and fly in the meditation mode.
In the defense mode you can command the warriors from the map, or hover through the battle arena instructing the warriors yourself in the meditation mode.

Game Options

Due to the space the detailed version is in a separate file, however the over view of the game script is coming next.

Over view
The game begins with a cut scene showing Hippolyta the beautiful queen of the amazons exterminates a battalion of barbarians using her bow, arrows, chains, spear, and her sword.

In chapter 1, you’ll find your self in the very beginning of chapter 1 in the middle of a savage war between your warriors and the barbarians. Hippolyta must master both her warrior skills and her leader responsibilities.

First, she practices her movement and exploring skills from running on the ground, jumping over trees’ branches, climbing the hills, to crawling through the ground’s holes. After mastering the navigation skills in the free style you’ll be able to use the map to escape your enemies and not to involve in a fight.

Secondly, you’ll learn to use the earth worm style to kill your enemies by chaining them and dragging them into the under ground, while navigating a new map demonstrating paths of the holes. Then using the sky monkey style and moving over the branches you’ll aim your arrows from the top of the trees to the barbarians taking into consideration that the first arrow reveals your position, wind gravity, and rain can easily affect your aiming, and you can use the first arrow to know your aiming mistakes caused by these factors, and have your target killed within the second arrow.

Then you’ll master the close contact style with a barbarian having the whole world blurred, experiencing massive strike and defense mechanisms. After that using the free style you’ll be told to kill a barbarian with any weapon you like on the ground. After that you’ll be instructed to help a needy warrior of yours using the free style by killing her opponent using any skill you desire.

At the end of your warrior skills, using all the above skills you’ll be instructed to eliminate 100 barbarians by any means you wish.

After mastering the warrior techniques, you’ll be told to apply your leadership commands over your army. After climbing hills, diving into the water, suffering a dangerous fight with the water beasts, and running through the forest you’ll find the highest hill in the island. Using meditation your transparent soul will be able to fly to your warriors to instruct them how to win. You’ll hover on the ground, under ground and the trees’ branches, and if you prove to be a wise leader you’ll win the war.

In chapter 2 you’ll control a simple weak ordinary male named Mike, who gets in a boat. First you’ll be the captain sailing through a blowing storm. When the pirates attack, you’ll be the communication man sending a help message. Then you’ll control the police cannon. After succeeding in destroying the pirates’ boat you’ll regain access to control the rescue team leader, and will be instructed to lower the rescue boat. Then you’ll lead the rescue boat through storms, thunders and vortexes. Suddenly a fast big ship smashes your small boat and you’ll find your self struggling from drowning. A cut scene will begin demonstrating the major events in Mike’s life. The cut scene ends and again you’ll be instructed to help Mike not to sink, and in the end of chapter 2 Mike’ll faint.

In chapter 3 you’ll continue controlling Hippolyta, as she commands her women warriors gathering their treasure, eating enemy’s flesh to enhance sword ability, eating enemy’s eyes to evolve arrow aiming, eating enemy’s hearts to increase the health, eating enemy’s  fists to raise chains power, and drinking enemy’s blood fasten your motion.

Then in your way to your palace you’ll meet Mike, and have the choice of leaving him, killing him, or saving him. Eventually Hippolyta the warrior queen saves Mike the peaceful man. Hippolyta acts wildly carelessly threatening Mike of torturing him, while Mike acts lovingly peacefully. After arranging putting him in prison by your warriors, you’ll go on complete your way.

Seeing a helmet in the forest will recall to your memory one of the tests you went through, a close contact combat in the wide arena. Watching a lion in the wild will recall to your mind the confrontation of hundreds of wild animals with a small knife in your hand. The only way to survive this test was to hide inside of a dead cow after taking it bowels out of her dead rotten body. Noticing a bow placed carelessly on the ground will get you back to the test of standing over an extremely high peak with a bow and 2 arrows with one chance to aim at a thin rope to open the bridge to escape your wall air prison. After succeeding in your aiming and crossing the half way to your way out the bridge will fall with a decision to make, after making the right decision you’ll have to face ten armored armed barbarians with your bare hands. Seeing bloody blood drops dropping from a tree branch will remind you of the test of standing alone in a deep dark hole and facing a huge number of wild hungry animals thrown in your pit. You’ll learn to eat fresh flesh meat in this savage test. Finally a dead body of one of your warriors will recall your last test of killing your best friend defeating your friendship, love, and tenderness meters, in front of your hatred meter.

After going through all of your tests, bare hands and counter attacks, patience and hiding techniques, precise aiming and zooming techniques, savageness and violence, and hatred and emotionless tests, you’ll reach your palace and wear the crown, remembering your crowning ceremony as the queen of the amazons.

In the beginning of chapter 4 a cut scene showing the queen interrogating Mike is displayed. She threatened him violently to have him as an evening dessert and to have his head the last piece. She explains the amazons’ life style and their history to him. The cut scene is interrupted by the entrance of the army leader.

You’ll play now the defensive mode, standing in front of a big map occupying the whole screen, showing the whole island. Now you’ll need to put all of your warriors in different spots setting up your field for the battle. You can put the arrow warrior with her long aiming arc, the spear hole warrior with her spear facing short arc of sight, the sword warrior with her normal fighting arc of sight, and the chain warrior and her average aiming arc. If all of your warriors died you’ll have to finish your enemies’ army your self.

In chapter 5 you’ll control Mike who seems disturbed, drunken and blurred vision male during his walk to the queen and his conversation to the queen as they quarreled about the meaning of life.

“Power is forgiveness, is to give with no expecting of taking, and to love the other when he hates you. Weakness is trading hatred with the one who hated you, giving in to the pit of revenge to move you from your animal instinct in food, sex, and killing. It is so easy to kill and to be angry, but forgiving, controlling your temper, healing the wounded, and treating the ill are the hard activities.”

In the end of their conversation she ordered the death sentence of him, making hatred winning in front of love. Before executing the death sentence the barbarians break into the palace. After a wild fight and a small conversation the queen loses her conscious, and then you’ll have the choice of tricking the barbarians to spare her life and to take her as a hostage, and when you do you’ll save the queen with your limited abilities.

You’ll track the falling grains on the ground to her location, sneak around the barbarians using your hiding techniques to take their weapons, make glue from the trees, and cut the queen free from her chains with your axe.

A cut scene will begin showing Hippolyta riding a horse with Mike behind her back. Then she realizes that love was his motive of saving her, and comes to conclusion that love is the strongest feeling ever, and finally love finds its way to her heart. When the cut scene ends you’ll find your self controlling Hippolyta in her mind battle against amazons traditions, words of the her wise old lady, her unconscious mind, her inner being history, and her life memories. In your dream land walking in different environments hearing the voice of the wise old lady and speaking to her, and fighting your self till you meet the wise old lady and choose love.

In the end of your dream land playing scene, a cut scene will begin showing Hippolyta opening her eyes and saying to Mike that she’ll run away with him, and in the middle of this romantic moment the barbarian suddenly attack and capture the queen again. Hippolyta punches Mike out of their way for his escaping sake and begs him to die by a wolf.

Chapter 6 begins with Mike trying to commit suicide, dying by a wolf. You’ll be surprised when Mike turns into a werewolf, then you’ll have to assume control over the animals by killing the biggest beast in the jungle. After finding the beast you will have to fight it on the branches, in the holes and on the ground till you kill him. Then you’ll prove your leadership by killing 100 different animals. You are now can command your animals’ army to attack the barbarian army. The final confrontation will be between you and the barbarian leader, and then you will have the queen over your back and run on your four legs to her palace. Hippolyta and Mike decide to have your last fight together her army and his against the barbarians to vanquish them all.

In the beginning of chapter 7 Mike and Hippolyta will cooperate together in the defensive mode to conquer the barbarians. You can win that battle if you set up your forces to have the barbarians between the animals’ army from one side and the water from the other side with your arrow warriors over the hill. Any other technique will lead to failure and will cause the scenario of Mike and Hippolyta go fight with his claws and her hands. You’ll choose which one you’ll play with and the other one not selected will help you.

After this wonderful fight the queen will retire from her position, and leaves with Mike. In their way she sees 10 ships approaching, and Mike suggests to stay and fight. And again you have the choice to play either Mike or Hippolyta and survive the first wave of three ships, the second wave of three ships, and the last wave of four ships. When you die playing as Mike you will be switched to play as Hippolyta. Before you die you should use one of your three leaves over Mike’s wounds to regain his life back. After the death of Hippolyta you should penetrate one of your three magical claws in her stomach. You’ll fail if you waste the eighth trial you have, 2 lives, in addition to 3 Hippolyta leaves, and 3 Mike claws.

In the end of the game Hippolyta thinks of gathering the ten ships, and start their movement, and let them take the island away by pushing its land after noticing that the land is loose.

In the middle of their sailing, a hidden force sucked them into a certain point. Every thing glows, and then surprisingly every thing returns to its ordinary state. And a flying dinosaur makes his way up of their head, and a swimming one jumped of the water and back to the its depth…

Its Bermuda triangle…

The end of the beginning

Steps, FAQ and your complete path to a career of Games Design

January 22, 2010

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January 22, 2010

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MARK Design Document

January 17, 2010

Over View
This is a story of a game of a very simple ordinary character. He is a guy like you and me. Not too brilliant or strong, he is not the president or an Olympic champion, he is not Hercules or James bond, and he is not Superman or Sherlock Holmes.
He is only a book worm, a very good reader. His only activity is reading in his office which consists merely of a desk and a huge library.
The game begins as he reads out loud some Greek words of a black magic bible, and suddenly a bad warlock come from no where to exist in his office. He thanks the main character named Mark because of releasing him from the book, and wickedly he through Mark into a random book in his library.

Mark appears in a world of dinosaurs as a primitive citizen who can’t talk making weird sounds of humming. Having a bumpy club armed with rocks he should cross the road to the far cave. Firstly he sales with a small boat among swamp dinosaurs to the open sands area to walk through a stampede of wild small dinosaurs, then to face the T rex in his lair, after escaping the T Rex he’ll have to vanquish different kinds of dinosaurs in the valley of the fear, after that he should cross the darkness road which lies in it the most dangerous creatures, and in the end of that road he’ll face the warlock who will imitate the shape of a deadly flying dinosaur. When Mark defeats the warlock the mission will end.

The warlock speaks to Mark in rage, and then he throws Mark in another book.
Mark find himself in Transylvania in a black suit armed with a sharp sword and a small pistol, in a dark everlasting night he will have to face Dracula with his bats and his followers dead walking vampires, after dealing with bats using the gun and with vampires using the sword hell face the werewolves. Then flying vampires will appear again along with the vampires who appear and disappear in a moment from nowhere to nowhere. After finishing them all he’ll face the warlock in the shape of a combination of werewolf and a vampire with a great power. When Mark defeats the warlock the mission will end.

The warlock with Mark in Mark’s office, and compel Mark in another book.
Now Mark in his space suit flying in the outer space escaping from meteors, shooting flying aliens and destroying large aliens’ space ships with high technological weapons and modern powers, finally he is instructed to ride a space ship and to vanquish all the aliens who invaded it and to assume control over it to drive it to the mother ship of the aliens, and after ruining it the biggest alien creature will escape from the mother ship, and sneak into your ship. The warlock is the biggest alien creature, and after defeating him the mission will accomplished.

Again you and the warlock in your office and he compels you to fall in another book.
You are now a cow boy in the American west. You are a very high mark. Every body is after you the local authority, the Indians, your friends, and your citizens. After escaping the sheriff and playing the quick and the dead with the outlaws, and chasing a train with your horse, you will have to face the most dangerous gang in your territory. After defeating all of the gang members you will have to face the leader whom is the most powerful man in your country. The warlock invades that man body and exchanges fire with you. After defeating him you’ll back to your room.

The warlock has you in a new book.
You are a ninja warrior in Japan mastering throwing the Ninja stars and swinging your big sword. You are a master of disguise and sneaking around. Invaders come to your village and you are instructed to defend your people. You will face people with guns and heavy armor with your sword and stars and bare hands and your hiding techniques. After eliminating all of your enemies you will have to kill the warlock the army leader. When you do the mission shall be completed.

Again the warlock puts you in a book of Greek Mythology.
You are Hercules. You should cut Medusa’s head and use it to destroy to kill the Nemean lion, then using its claws you will destroy the Lernaean Hydra. And with its tongue capture the Ceryneian Hind, Cerberus, the Cretan Bull and the Erymanthian Boar. After fulfilling all of Hercules tasks from cleaning the Augean Stables to killing the Stymphalian Birds to rounding up the Mares of Diomedes to stealing the Girdle of Hippolyte to herding the Cattle of Geryon to fetching the Apples of Hesperides, he will face the warlock in the shape of Achilles on his flying horse Pegasus. We know that Perseus had the Pegasus and he killed Medusa as well, but it was all in the same bottle. After vanquishing the warlock Mark will be back to his room.

In the new book Mark will be James Bond with all current and modern technology in a smoken suit. James bond will drive crazily on the left two tires to escape the police and will shoot madly at a large numbers of enemies. Finally he will face the bad guy, the warlock, and defeat him and transform to the next level.

Now you are the lion king and you will have to deal with all of the bad guys in all of the movies from Gaffer to Scar to Clayton to the rest of them, finally Simba will face the Joker the enemy of Batman cloning the warlock shape and destroy him. Back to your room

Now you are Rambo in Vietnam war. After vanquishing the whole army and rescuing all of the hostages you will face the battalion commander, the warlock and kill him.

Finally you face the warlock but now he offers you to select your character: the Stone Age savage, the black suited gentleman from Transylvania, the technological male in space suit, the cowboy, the ninja warrior, Hercules, Bond, Lion King, or Rambo, and to select your battle arena. And then the final fight begins. The warlock takes the shape of every enemy faced you in the game’s history.
When you beat him, he will stick in the chosen book of your selected battle arena and then you’ll read the Greek words out loud of a black magic bible you read before but this time in a reversed order. Then the warlock will be vanquished once and for all.

AVATAR the movie

January 16, 2010

James Cameron surprised us with that outstanding 3d movie. I felt myself among the characters, getting into the events, forgetting my entire self in a deep hypnotism state. The movie discusses the idea of transporting your thoughts and feelings trough your mind to another mediator of flesh and blood of the Pandora Planet inhibitors, in order to get in touch with the savage strangers and to get to know them with minimum risk. This mediator named Avatar prevents the death of the human controlling him, yet it is so expensive to create this Avatar.

Avatar is a mix of so many movies presented in the last decade. I recall existenZe, the thirteenth floor, the matrix, dances with wolves, and the last samurai.

ExistenZe the movie in which the characters log in to a game like a dream using organic electronic devices and in a certain point the character couldn’t tell if the game is the real life or their actual life.

In the thirteenth floor the a scientific team manage to create a whole world of graphics interface of a certain part of America of a previous era and combined that graphic interface with real character with AI technology of self making decisions. And through dealing with each others countless possibilities are made. The manager died by unknown made character in the computer, and the main character decides to get the electronic killer. An electronic character finds the truth that he is not a human being and his world is a graphic interface and asks the main character what if your world is not true either. The killer gets into our world and the main character kills him, then the main character realizes that his world is a fake one, and the ironic that they managed to build a simulation inside a simulation world. In the end of the movie he manages to log in to the real world.

The matrix the great trilogy that spoke of a true world and a dream world and the machines domination is considered one of the inspiration ideas that made Avatar.

Joining the enemy is a very touchable idea. It happened in dances with wolves and the last samurai.

Kevin Costner in Dances with wolves joined the Indians and abandoned his army after spending long time with the Indians and getting to know how deep is their philosophy. Tom Cruze the American captain in the last samurai had more feelings to the samurai than the Japanese authority that hired him to vanquish the samurai as an expert in modern fighting techniques.

Avatar is a movie which bonds all these great ideas in one package.

The main character loves the savage strangers and joins their well bonded society like dances with wolves and the last samurai, when he logged into their world like existenZe, the thirteenth floor and the matrix despite the fact that he logs into his world but in another body. The very large contrast of the primitive weapons of the strangers and the very technological weapons of humans can be noticed in Dances with wolves and the last Samurai as well. The very expected end of joining the strangers’ society assures the imitation of the last samurai idea. I am referring to the blue tall people of Pandora Planet as strangers not aliens because the main character described the humans as the aliens as he merged with the strangers’ society as one of them.

No wonder that the main character had no history and no character. It is the huge policy of cut paste ideas which vagues every meaningful drama in the cinematic world making a way to the graphics tricks and the fascinating vision illusions.

I loved the movie very much with its 3d interface and its magnificent direction. I also liked its scientific fiction story that gathers many ideas, although repetition is boring it is possible to create a similar idea of a previous movie as we all play in the same 64 squares chess battle arena with the same human brain.